Bromptonville’s Former Post Office In 1853, when the Grand Trunk Railway reached Brompton Falls (former name of Bromptonville), the Township of Brompton’s population resided in the rural area where the river road (De la Rivière) and the 5th and 6th ranges of the Borough of Brompton are located. However, in 1854, when the St. Francis Mills factory was established in the Parc de la Rive, dozens of labourers’ families settled nearby and Saint-Joseph, Saint-Lambert, and Notre-Dame streets were opened. To provide postal service to them, a post office was set up in the railway station on Saint-Joseph Street.

The postal service stayed there until 1902. The station was then demolished and replaced with a new, smaller station that was ill-suited for delivering mail. The postmaster, Matthew McDonnel, then decided to build a residence at 32 Laval Street. He and his family lived on the upper floor while the bottom floor housed Bromptonville’s post office. Mr. McDonnel remained postmaster until about 1920. Next it was Ernest Paquin, then his son Donat, who took charge of the post office. The building remained a post office until 1967 when the new post office on Du Curé-LaRocque Street opened.
32, rue Laval

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