Edmund W. Tobin’s office

In 1915, the future senator, Edmund W. Tobin, built his office. At the time, he was the mayor of Bromptonville, the MP for Richmond-Wolfe, a general merchant, and the owner of several factories in Bromptonville, in addition to others in Saint-Lambert, Montreal, East Angus, and Nipigon Bay, so he had a great need for it.

A very rich man, Mr. Tobin rented the top floor of the building to Dr. J. Adélard Allard who set up his pharmacy there. However, this good-neighbour relationship ended around 1931 when the two men became political opponents.

When Senator Edmund W. Tobin died in the summer of 1938, the building was sold to the Latour family who first set up an ironworks there, then later, a hardware store. The family owned it until the beginning of the 1980s when Quincaillerie Latour became Quincaillerie J. Fortier on Laval Street. Edmund W. Tobin’s former office became the restaurant, Le Principal.

38, rue Saint-Lambert

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