Alphonse Grégoire’s Store

Alphonse Grégoire came to Bromptonville in 1911. Originally from Saint-Hyacinthe, he had studied at his home town’s seminary. At first, he worked as a manager at Edmund W. Tobin’s general store at 1 Notre-Dame Street. In 1917, after six years working there, he left and started his own general store at the corner of Laval and Alcide-Savoie streets.

In time, the business prospered and in 1939, the store was completely renovated. In 1943, after more than 30 years in the retail business, Alphonse Grégoire retired and passed down his business to his son, Raymond. He only kept the business for five years and, in 1948, he sold it to Raymond Bergeron. The latter ran the town’s only furniture store until 1972, when the building was sold to the National Bank of Canada. The bank did not move far from its previous location just opposite (at 78 Laval Street) where it had been since 1914.

81, rue Laval

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