Joseph Forest House

On September 16, 1902, Onésime Lambert, a Bromptonville real estate speculator and general merchant, sold the land located at 77 Saint-Lambert Street to Antoine Viens who built his house there. In March 1903, Antoine Viens sold the property and over the course of the following years, it successively changed hands many times. Interesting fact: sportscaster Lionel Duval, who worked for Radio-Canada for almost 30 years, lived here from 1943 to 1947.

It was at this time that Joseph Forest and his wife, Léontine Bourassa-Auger, took possession of the house for $6500. Retired lieutenant-colonel in the Canadian Army, former Major in the 11th Hussars Cavalry Regiment, former mayor of the Township of Brompton, and market gardener, Joseph Forest was a highly respected man in the region. In this house, he and his wife raised ten children. After Joseph Forest’s death in 1974, Léontine Bourassa-Auger kept the house until 2001.

77, rue Saint-Lambert

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